Getting The Right Size

As ScratchSleeves are a new and novel product, conventional children’s clothes sizes do not always align. This is why we came up with our own method of ensuring that you can obtain a pair of ScratchSleeves that fit your baby or child.

You will need to measure your child’s ‘wingspan’. Put one end of a tape measure in the centre of their back, between the shoulder blades, and measure the distance from there to the tips of their fingers. Then double this measurement to calculate the wingspan. If this wingspan is close to the maximum measurement of one of our sizes, we recommend buying the next size up so your child doesn’t grow out of it too quickly. However, if your child’s wingspan is not close to the maximum value, we suggest refraining from buying a larger size so the sleeves aren’t so big they fall off.

We are always happy to exchange unused items. So if you do inadvertently order the wrong size, just drop us a line or give us a call to arrange.

Age Range

Wingspan (min-max)

0 – 3 months 55cm – 60cm
3 – 6 months 60cm – 65cm
6 – 9 months 65cm – 70cm
9 – 12 months 70cm – 76cm
12 – 18 months 76cm – 82cm
18 – 21 months 82cm – 88cm
21 – 24 months 88cm – 94cm
2 – 3 years 94cm – 100cm
3 – 4 years 100cm – 106cm
4 – 5 years 106cm – 112cm
5 – 6 years 112cm – 120cm
6 – 7 years 120cm – 128cm
7 – 8 years 128cm – 136cm

Can’t find the size or shape you are looking for?

Custom ScratchSleeves start from £13.75 depending on size, contact us for more details.

No quibbles guarantee

ScratchSleeves are available through our shop and we abide by a ‘no quibbles guarantee’.

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