PJs designed for your child’s eczema

Finding comfortable pyjamas for an eczema child can be tricky. Not only do you need to find a set of PJs that doesn’t irritate their eczema, you also need to persuade your child to wear them. Which is why we have thought long and hard about our PJ designs and asked lots of little people what makes for the best eczema PJs and kids mittens.

  • Cool, loose fitting 100% cotton fabric with our signature natural silk mitts
  • A choice of PJ designs to suit your child’s pattern of eczema
  • No external seams on the mitts and sleeves as these could be used to scratch or rub at itchy eczema
  • Enclosed feet with woven cotton panels to reinforce the toes and ankles. These minimise the damage done by toe-scratching and ankle rubbing
  • Our regular PJ bottoms are cleverly designed with no inside leg seam at all and we use flat or enclosed seams everywhere else
  • Got a little escapologist? Our dungaree style PJ bottoms and mittens for kids are designed to be super comfortable but the buttoned back opening makes them very tricky to remove without help
  • No itchy internal labels – all our labels are external and don’t have hard edges. We’ve minimised their size too.

PJs designed for your child's eczema
PJs designed for your child's eczema
PJs designed for your child's eczema

Choosing the best PJ combination

As eczema can affect different parts of the body at different ages we have two different styles of PJ top and bottoms available so you can pick and mix to get the best sleepwear solution for your eczema child.

  • Eczema typically affects the faces of babies and toddlers, so our smaller, striped PJs have envelope style necklines which stretch easily over sore cheeks and ears without the need for fiddly and potentially irritating poppers and buttons
  • As children get older, facial eczema tends to heal but eczema on arms and legs often gets worse. Our SuperHero PJs are designed to appeal to older kids and use a round neckline with baseball style sleeves for easy movement and extra comfort under the arms. The shoulder and neck seams of the SuperHero PJs are external, keeping the inside of our PJ tops as smooth as possible. And they come with a complimentary cape. Perfect for your little hero
  • Some children really struggle with itchy bellies and bottoms and so don’t get on with regular, elasticated PJ bottoms. Our dungarees are loose fitting over the tummy so don’t irritate in the way that an elastic waistband would and they limit access the midriff as well.



See how the ScratchSleeves PJs are designed to both stop little ones scratching themselves with fingers (and toes) and minimise the irritation from seams and labels.