The Story Behind ScratchSleeves

Like all good inventions, ScratchSleeves were born of necessity. When our son, Max, was 4 months old his little face erupted with angry, itchy eczema. And he scratched. A lot. One particularly bad morning, which will stay with us forever, we found him in his cot covered in blood and looking like a scene from a horror movie. He had somehow extracted his arms from his swaddling blanket, wriggled just one thumb out of the flip-over mitts of his sleep-suit and scratched his poor itchy little face to shreds.

We had already searched the internet for an effective solution to his scratching and not found anything remotely useful; so Jae set to work with her trusty sewing machine, an unwanted t-shirt and some silk left over from making her wedding dress and ‘ScratchSleeves – the mitts really do that stay on’ were born. The cardigan design makes sure that the mitts stay firmly in place and the silk mitts work brilliantly to stop razor sharp nails working their way through the mitts themselves. They worked so well that we gave a couple of sets to a scratchy little girl we met at Max’s swimming class. The thank you email we got back from her parents said it all “…for the first time in her life, Erin has slept through the night. She also woke up without any fresh scratches on her face. We can’t thank you enough.” That was over 10 years ago. We have now helped countless other little ones sleep comfortably through the night with our original ScratchSleeves design. Over the years the size range and product range has expanded to meet our customers’ needs. And there’s plenty more to come. If your scratchy little one needs more than our regular range to make them comfortable, just drop us a line and we’ll do our best to come up with an effective solution.

The motivation behind ScratchSleeves is to ensure that parents don’t have to struggle with their little one’s scratching in the same way we did. It was a horrid time and one that could have been avoided. Everything we do, every decision we make is focused on providing an easy, effective solution for our customers because we understand that they are having a rough time. This ethos covers everything: from ensuring that our website is as user-friendly as possible, to designing our packaging so it fits through a standard letterbox meaning that parents don’t have to drop everything to receive their order or, worse still, wait a day before going to the Post Office to collect it. If you come across anything that we can improve on, just drop us a line and we’ll do our very best.

We have also started sharing the knowledge that we have built up about the practicalities of living with baby eczema in our Parenting + Eczema blog – hopefully it will help other parents get to grips with their little one’s scratching.


Jae Rance & Mark Bean