What Are ScratchSleeves Made Of

All ScratchSleeves are made of:

  • An outer mitt of 100% natural silk which is gentle and cooling on itchy skin
  • 100% cotton that is woven to be stretchy, light and comfortable
  • Polycotton binding around edges to maintain a snug fit

What Are ScratchSleeves Made Of

Our materials are tested here in the UK for surface irritants (Oeko-tex 100) and, as little one’s are likely to chew on their mitts, we also test for heavy metals.

What Are ScratchSleeves Made Of
What Are ScratchSleeves Made Of

A word about silk allergy

Silk consists of two elements – a central core of the insoluble protein, fibroin, with an outer coating of a second protein, sericin. As with all proteins, it is possible to allergic to those found in silk. Silk allergies are extremely rare and the majority of known cases occur in silk workers who are harvesting and processing the silk and as a result, are exposed to high levels of airborne sericin and fibroin particles over a long period of time. These allergens can cause asthma, conjunctivitis, dermatitis and allergic rhinitis to develop.

For the rest of the world’s population, these airborne particles are not a problem but contact allergies to sericin do occur very rarely. In eight years we have had reports of an allergic reaction to silk in less than 0.02% of our customers, which equates to 1 in every 5,000. Interestingly in our very limited experience silk and polyester allergies tend to go together.

Symptoms are typical of all contact allergies – redness, swelling and irritation. They can be treated effectively with Piriton. 

If you do experience an allergic reaction to the silk in our products please get in touch. We can custom make 100% cotton or synthetic silk sleeves to order.