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Hand washing and eczema

Sensitive skin often doesn’t take kindly to regular hand washing and sanitizing. Soap and alcohol, the active ingredient in sanitizers, strip the natural oils from the skin’s surface along with the dirt. It doesn't take long for sensitive skin to become dry, sore and prone to cracking. We share our top tips and strategies for keeping little (and not so little) hands intact and hygienic. Read More

Managing Eczema in the Spring

If your child’s eczema does worsen this Spring, it could be down to a number of factors. It’s well worth keeping an eye on what the causes could be so that you can prevent and manage your child’s eczema appropriately. Here we explore some of the more common causes of Springtime eczema. Read More

Coping with Eczema – The Importance of Building Resilience

As parents, we all have to help our children build their capacity to deal with life’s knock-backs, to become more resilient, particularly when a child has a continuing condition like eczema. Teaching resilience is another step in the journey to help your child cope with their eczema symptoms. Read More