Blog: Great Things to Teach Eczema Babies & Kids

Mini Toads In The Hole – gluten and dairy-free recipe

These cuties will become a firm favourite of the family. Made in bun tins, the texture of these is slightly more spongy than the usual batter and the combination of sausage, tomato and thyme is simply delicious. They are easy to eat as finger food, making them ideal for parties. We served them on Bonfire Night and the plateful was gone in minutes! Read More

Explaining childhood eczema to peers

Every parent knows the heartache of watching their child struggle with rejection. It’s part of growing up and being human, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t difficult for them to navigate and for you to watch.  When it comes to eczema there are lots of misconceptions, especially among young children. You may already have seen…

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All About Emollients

If you have just been told by your doctor or health care provider that your little one has eczema, the first thing you are likely to be prescribed is an emollient. There are a huge range available - both prescription and over the counter. Read More

How to Patch Test Toiletries and Creams on Children with Eczema

When your baby has eczema, it can be an exhausting and frustrating task to find products that don’t irritate their sensitive skin. When you do find a new product, whether natural or synthetic, one great habit to get into is to conduct a patch test before use to avoid exacerbating your baby’s eczema.  Read More