Hand Sanitising at School for Eczema Kids

If your child suffers from eczema there can be extra challenges for them at school (see our parents guide on How to Prepare for Starting School When Your Child Has Eczema)

Hand Sanitising at School for Eczema Kids

Clearly putting hand sanitiser on painful raw paws is a big no no.

With the new regulations coming in around handwashing and the use of hand sanitiser in schools you may find that you are additionally worried about flare-ups on their little hands.

Because hands are in constant motion with no less than 20 joints flexing and bending, cracks and sore skin are aggravated with little chance to heal. If your child is in Reception they are likely to be playing with the likes of sand, water, paint, building blocks and playdough and as they get older the need to hold a pencil increases. Knuckles and the webbed area between digits are particularly susceptible to soreness. In addition, children’s skin is different to teenage and adult skin in that it is thinner and hardly produces any sebum (the oil that protects our skin from drying out). 

Clearly putting hand sanitiser on painful raw paws is a big no-no. The National Eczema Society has written a brilliant piece which we wanted to highlight as it’s full of great information on to combat all these issues. It gets a big thumbs up from ScratchSleeves HQ!


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