Blog: Great Things to Teach Eczema Babies & Kids

9 Skincare Ingredients to Avoid if Your Child Has Eczema

It took a few years for us to learn to be cautious of products that market themselves as ‘mild’ or ‘gentle’ as they can still contain ingredients that may aggravate childhood eczema. That’s why we thought it would be helpful to write an article explaining the key ingredients to watch out for when trying to work out what to use on your baby’s skin.  Read More

The Eczema Itch Explained – What Causes It? What relieves it?

Often called “the itch that rashes” - eczema is certainly uncomfortable and distressing. Trouble sleeping, infections and even hospitalisation can all be triggered by that pesky little itch. It’s time to put it under the microscope and find out exactly what causes the unpleasant sensation, what makes it worse and what happens when you actually give in and have a good old scratch! Read More