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How to Stop Babies Scratching: Swaddling an Eczema Baby

Swaddling is a great way to keep a baby’s hands away from the eczema their face – if only you can stop them from escaping in the middle of the night! We kept our scratchy, eczema baby swaddled until he was well over 8 months old with a fair degree of success albeit after a fair bit of experimentation. Read More

Living with an Eczema Toddler: Top Tips to Minimise Scratching

Toddlers are amazing little people full of a wonderful enthusiasm, energy and innocence. But they lack common sense and live in the moment. They are also self-centred and attention-grabbing and love the word ‘No’, largely because it gets them the attention that they crave. For a parent this can be a really challenging age, when…

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Eczema Friendly Laundry Detergents (and their ingredients)

Laundry detergents are one of the most commonly cited triggers for eczema – but why do some detergents cause a problem while other ones are fine? In a quest understand which laundry products the ScratchSleeves family can use without itching, we have investigated what exactly goes into laundry detergents and learnt a surprising amount about how to get laundry really clean in the process. We share what we’ve learnt along with our top tips for eczema friendly laundry and the results of the ScratchSleeves family 'tried and tested' review of eczema friendly laundry detergents. Read More