Blog: Parenting Tools with an Eczema Twist

Explaining Eczema to Kids: Eczema book reviews by kids for kids

Books are a great way of starting a discussion about eczema with both kids who have it and those who don’t. But which one is right for the kids you want to talk to? While there isn’t a huge range of options, it’s difficult to know which book will engage your audience and which will languish on the bookshelf. The ScratchSleeves team have rounded up a team of junior reviewers, spent a small fortune on Amazon and put the most readily available eczema books to the test in our eczema book reviews… Read More

Eczema and Siblings: Sharing Attention and Keeping the Peace

Sharing time and attention equally between your children is a juggling act for all parents, but particularly so if you have a little one with eczema. In this article, we explore what it’s like to give a child with eczema the attention they need and deserve while ensuring their siblings do not feel left out. Read More

Baby Eczema: Getting the Support You Need

If you have an eczema baby, you’ll be well aware that the condition has a broad impact on everyone involved in their care. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, nursery and school carers each have to understand how eczema affects your child, and how to deal with it. Not only is it important for their peace of mind and your little one’s well-being, but it’s also vital for you. A trustworthy support network can make all the difference. Read More