Allergy friendly, FreeFrom Easter Eggs: Tried and Tested

The problem with buying FreeFrom products is that you never quite know how they are going to taste. Especially if one of the main ingredients has been substituted. Some FreeFrom products are really good and others are not so great. And who wants to be disappointed with their annual Easter Egg? The ScratchSleeves team have rolled up their sleeves and tested 6 readily available FreeFrom Easter Eggs from the 2022 ranges. It was a hard job but someone had to do it!

Allergy friendly, FreeFrom Easter Eggs: Tried and Tested

All the eggs we tested were dairy and gluten free. The risk from other allergens varied between brands. Always check the label.

Where to buy your FreeFrom Easter Egg

The Freefrom Easter Eggs we tested all came from supermarkets and high street stores so should be easy to get hold of. We chose the eggs we tested with children in mind, but we’ve recorded both the kids’ and adults’ thoughts in our reviews. With the increasing interest in plant-based foods, the FreeFrom Easter Egg options are improving year on year. All the supermarkets have a good selection of own brand and independent brands including, Moo-Free, Buttermilk and Nomo eggs available. On the high street, Holland & Barrett do well, with various own-brand, Moo-Free, Buttermilk and Daisy & Dam eggs. That said, we do have a particularly large H&B on our local high street which might have helped. For more luxury eggs, most independent chocolatiers now have plant-based options. From experience, FreeFrom Easter Eggs tend to sell out quickly. It’s a good idea to get organised and buy early.

The same but different!

As you would expect, a number of own-brand eggs are remarkably similar to branded ones. The similarities of the packaging, ingredients lists, allergy warnings and batch numbers all suggest that they come from the same factory. There are also remarkable similarities between supermarkets but we did see more variation than in previous years, so do check the labels.

Of all the eggs we tested, only the Moo-Free, Nomo and Buttermilk range seemed not to have any own-branded versions – but we might not have been to the right supermarket to find one. Prices for the own-brand eggs vary between stores and flavours but are generally around £4.00 to £5.00.

What are they Free From?

All the eggs we tested were dairy and gluten-free. The risk from other allergens varied between brands:

  • Sainsbury’s FreeForm eggs are soya free this year and make no mention of nut allergies, only some of Tesco’s FreeFrom eggs are soya free and Asda’s FreeFrom eggs contain soya lectin.
  • Moo-Free – soya free but may contain traces of hazelnuts
  • Buttermilk – plant-based and doesn’t contain soya of nuts but no mention of whether the factory is allergen free
  • NOMO aka Kinnerton – made in a nut-free factory

Our verdict

  • Kids’ favourite: The Moo Free offering had the best box appeal and the cinder toffee bar was hugely popular. However, NoMo egg won the taste test for the ‘milk chocolate’ style eggs and the Adsa egg was the most popular white chocolate egg.
  • Adults’ favourite: This year’s winner is the Buttermilk Zingy Orange Crisp. Not a big surprise as Buttermilk’s orange flavour eggs have won in previous years. To quote one of our testers ‘Is it really vegan? It doesn’t taste like it!’
  • Not so good: The Sainsbury’s ‘milk chocolate’ was really disappointing, with an awful lot of fresh air in the packaging, no additional treat and a soft egg that didn’t crack well. An the egg wasn’t even properly egg shaped.

If you don’t want to buy an allergy-friendly Easter Egg (or you can’t find one), why not try our Rice Krispy Easter Egg recipe and also have a look at other yummy recipes.

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