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Big Kids EczemaI had read all the wonderful reviews on your site before ordering my first pair of ScratchSleeves….and a week later still can’t believe my eyes when I wake up and find the bed-sheets blood free. It is finally possible to see skin on my child’s legs and back and tummy…..I am so happy I can cry! And bless you for coming up with such a wonderful product that has made the life of so many little ones and their parents better .I can sleep better now, knowing that the rustling under the sheets in my daughter’s room is going to be futile attempts at scratching and not a blood bath. Wish the GP surgery suggested this instead of steroid creams which I have been using for the past 3 years!

Jahnavi J (via email)

I used to wear my dad’s socks over my arms and hands at night to stop me scratching, but they would come off and I would wake up with horrible scratches all over. I was embarrassed at High School when people saw all the cuts and scrapes.I also hated scooping on all the creams and potions every night, so when Mum came across the Scratchsleeves website, we decided to give them a go. Within a few days there was no sign of my eczema – I could enjoy wearing my bikini on holiday this summer as my skin was as clear as everyone else’s. I am so grateful for Scratchsleeves and would recommend them to people of any age.

Jess O’R (12 yrs – custom order)

ScratchSleeves – such an ingenious and much valued solution. Thank you.

Jane C. and Isabella (6y) (via email )

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