Blog: Daily Life: Living with Eczema

Can Acupressure Help Children with Eczema?

Any parent of a child with eczema knows the horrible, helpless and heart wrenching feeling of watching your little one suffer.  While any traditional treatments such as emollients and cortisone creams prescribed by a medical professional should be applied as directed, it is perfectly understandable that desperate and worried parents are likely to research other…

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Eczema triggers #5 – Mould

As the parent of an eczema child you know that all sorts of things can trigger a flare up. Toiletries, cleaning products, animal dander, washing powders...the list goes on and on. What, however, about the environment in your home? It is widely recognised that house dust mites can worsen eczema and other skin conditions, but there is another allergen lurking in your house that you might not even be aware of... mould. Read More

Baby Eczema Triggers #4: Can my Eczema Child Have a Furry Pet?

Most children dream of keeping their own pet, it’s one of the pleasures of childhood and a great way to learn about responsibility. However, eczema does complicate the issue as no parent would want to introduce a pet which could trigger a flare-up. Snakes, reptiles and fish are your safest bet, but perhaps not the most appealing! So, if your child with eczema would like to keep a pet of the small and furry kind, how do you decide what to do? Read More