Blog: Great Things to Teach Eczema Babies & Kids

Eczema or Infant Acne? How To Tell The Difference

With the increasing prevalence of childhood eczema, most parents are vigilant to the symptoms, though because they bear striking similarities to baby acne it can be difficult to tell them apart. In this article, we explain how can you tell the difference between acne and eczema in babies and infants. Read More

Make your own eczema friendly soap

The chemicals in shop-bought soap can irritate and inflame eczema rashes and the usual go to “make bath time fun” additives like bubble bath and colour changing salts are a complete no no. So why not make your own eczema friendly soap with this ScratchSleeves family tried and tested recipe? Read More

Salt water bathing – an eczema parent’s guide

The Nottingham Support Group for Carers of Children With Eczema wrote an interesting study on the possible benefits of salt water baths after anecdotal evidence from parents about improvements in atopic eczema after swimming in the sea. Read More