Blog: Parenting Tools with an Eczema Twist

Baby Eczema and Anaphylaxis

Babies and children with eczema are more likely to suffer from dangerous allergic reactions. We asked Dr Nicky Ellis - A&E doctor, paediatric first-aid teacher and eczema/allergy mum - to tell us how to recognise the signs of a serious allergic reaction and what to do. Dr Nicky has first-hand experience of dealing with her own son’s anaphylactic reaction and even with all her medical experience, she wished that she had been better prepared. She now teaches first-aid courses for parents and this is what she covers on allergic reactions. Read More

Importance of Sleep for Eczema Babies and Toddlers

Recent studies have demonstrated the importance of sleep in the development of a child’s brain. But can be really difficult for itchy eczema babies and children so how can you ensure that your eczema child is getting enough sleep? Read our guide to teaching itchy babies and children to settle themselves and sleep. Read More

How to Build a Fun Bedtime Routine for an Eczema Child

Sleep is as essential as nutrition and for keeping children healthy. But getting a child into bed and sleeping at a sensible time every evening can be a real challenge, especially when they have itchy eczema. You can help your eczema child get the sleep they need by building a fun bedtime routine. Read More