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I’d like to say a GIANT THANK YOU!!! ScratchSleeves have worked amazingly and have allowed the badly scratched and areas of broken skin on my sons shoulders to start to heal, something we have been battling to do for the last month or so. It’s such a relief to know that he can go to sleep during the day and at night without attacking his arms and causing more damage. I’m recommended you to everyone with an itching baby.

Rachel S-S (via Facebook)

I love ScratchSleeves and so does my 6 month old daughter. They have made our nights less of a nightmare, although she still rubs her face, thanks to the silk on ends of the sleeves her skin is not becoming so aggravated. I also use them during the day when all she wants to do is scratch her head and I need to be getting on with things, she is still able to hold onto toys and roll around but they give me the peace of mind in knowing she will not be doing any harm to her skin. Brilliant idea and company, will be using again when my daughter needs the next size up and recommending to friends.

Mikala H (via Facebook)

Our little girl had scratched her face until it bled, and her eczema was getting worse with each passing day. I’d clipped, snipped and bitten her nails down to the quick but she still managed to scratch, and putting on cream seemed to make her itch more badly. We realized that we needed something to come between her nails and her face, and came across ScratchSleeves via Google. They arrived swiftly and in the nick of time as she had just figured out how to remove the socks we’d been using in the meantime! Although she’s still been attempting to scratch she can’t break the surface of her skin, so things are definitely improving…And they look really smart, too – like a fashionable shrug! Many thanks indeed for such a wonderful product.

Julie (via email)

Thank you for the ScratchSleeves which arrived so quickly – they are brilliant! My six-month-old son Rufus has eczema which is controllable so long as we can stop him scratching. Scratch mitts for older babies are useless so we used to dress him day and night in sleepsuits with roll over sleeves but he soon worked out how to get a couple of fingers out. I wanted to dress him in nice tops and trousers but couldn’t because it was too easy to scratch. As you know babies can do a lot of damage in just a few seconds. I also got quite miserable about comments from other people about the scratches, as if I somehow wasn’t trying hard enough. Worst of all they came from other mums who should know better. So thank you so much for the ScratchSleeves; they are so easy to pop on when needed and we are both so much happier!

Leisl and Rufus (via email)

What a relief – these are wonderful, thank you so much! My eight-month-old son has had severe eczema since he was four weeks old, mainly on his face and hands. As he grew he became more dexterous at scratching and rubbing his face, frequently becoming bloody within seconds as old wounds opened immediately. We found that the gloves we were prescribed were way too large (they start at age two!) and worked their own way off, and as he rubbed and rubbed at his face, the abrasiveness of the fabric with that level of manic rubbing regularly drew blood too. ScratchSleeves have had an instant effect. I just can’t wash and dry them fast enough so am ordering more! The silk is just what is needed with the cotton layer underneath helping to defy even the most brutal of scratchings. I can put them on him and know that I will not turn around/wake up/get out of the car to find carnage before my eyes. There is a huge psychological benefit here to me as his mother, as well as the obvious and instant physical benefit to him. I know that we are in this for the long run and can’t thank you enough for helping to make it that little bit easier all round. I’ll be spreading the word!

Jo (via email)

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