Blog: Seasonal: Eczema Just Keeps Changing…

Holiday Fun for Eczema Kids

The summer holidays – for children a lovely long break from school, for parents a seemingly endless round of sibling bickering, cries of “I’m bored!” and delving into the wallet time and time again. If you are struggling to think of suitable things to entertain your scratchy child this summer we have some great ideas for you. Read More

Hot summer nights? Help your eczema child to sleep with our top tips…

Summer has arrived and we’re not complaining! However, the long hours of sunlight and the hot summer nights can make sleeping difficult, especially for itchy little ones. Here at ScratchSleeves HQ we have been struggling to get our own little ones to fall asleep and decided to share the best tips we’ve found on the subject. Read More

Winter Eczema Tips: Helping Kids with Chapped Hands

When hands have gone past being dry and rough to having fissures and cracks (and sometimes even bleeding) it’s time for action. We look at how why kids hands are so prone to chapping, how minimise the risk of chapped hands and how to treat them. Read More