Blog: Seasonal: Eczema Just Keeps Changing…

Sun, Sea, Sand and…Eczema? Top Tips for Taking an Eczema Child to the Beach

Building sandcastles, digging moats, skimming stones, burying Dad in the sand: a day at the beach can be great fun for everyone. But did you know that visit to beach can be really good therapy for babies and children with eczema too? As well as the wealth of anecdotal evidence, there’s good scientific research supporting the benefits of sea-water for eczema children. But we know from experience that preparing for day out on the beach with an itchy little one can be daunting, so we put together our top tips for taking an eczema child to the beach. Read More

Avoiding Eczema This Christmas

Christmas is a magical time for kids but it can be a time of itching as well. Christmas trees, festive food, cold weather, disrupted routines and even visiting relatives can trigger eczema. Read our top tips for avoiding eczema this Christmas. Read More