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The Calm Skin Guide

This is the book of the ScratchSleeves blog. Commissioned by a customer who works in publishing and written by ScratchSleeves founder Jae and her brilliant co-writer Amber Hatch

Like the blog but much, much more…


With first-hand accounts from parents, GPs and nurses The Calm Skin Guide provides practical, reassuring advice for the carers of itchy children. If you have a child with eczema, this book was written for you. There’s lots of information about childhood eczema available, not least in our blog, but it can be overwhelming sifting through it and making sense of the sometimes contradictory advice. The information may be overly medical and hard to understand , or you may have come across unrealistic ‘cures’ based on flimsy evidence. You need a comprehensive, easy to navigate, no-nonsense resource you can trust. Whatever your story, this book will help you to find your way through the childhood eczema maze.

From the hunt for your child’s triggers to implementing their new eczema care regime and receiving medical advice that impacts your whole family routine, it can be difficult to know where to start. The Calm Skin Guide provides clear, comforting advice on how to:

  • Identify your child’s unique triggers and manage their flare-ups
  • Implement their care routine at home, including using emollients and medication
  • Understand medical jargon used in eczema treatments
  • Look after this eczema throughout the day, from meal times to bathtime to bedtime.

Based on the ScratchSleeves blog, The Calm Skin Guide, is written by Jae Rance, the founder of ScratchSleeves. Like the blog, this book aims to share her practical experience of bring up children with eczema as well sharing well-researched answers to questions raised by customers. As well as giving you a good understanding of the medical side of eczema, this book aims to cover all the things that the doctors and medical professionals don’t tell you. Like the impact emollients can have on your washing machine; managing sibling relationships when one child has eczema and another doesn’t; practical approaches for dealing with sleep disruption; working out which complimentary remedies are worth trying; and much, much more.  Co-writer, Amber Hatch, has written a number of other books on parenting and brings her wonderfully gentle and clear style to the subject, making this book accessible and easy to read.

If you’d like your itchy child(ren) added to the dedication, just choose the signed copy option and include their name(s) in the comments box on the checkout.


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