Blog: Yummy Recipes for Eczema Babies & Kids

Dairy-free chocolate ice-cream (made with coconut milk)

Our brilliant coconut milk based dairy-free chocolate ice cream recipe is great for kids and adults alike - and you don’t even need a ice cream maker! See the top tips for how to adjust the recipe for a more intense, adult flavour and how to make softer ice-cream. Read More

Two easy and egg free birthday cake recipes: sponge cake and fruit cake

Birthday cakes are one of those important milestones that no child (or adult) should have to miss out on – but cakes made without eggs can be really disappointing. While there are egg substitutes available, they can be temperamental to use and often aren’t available in the local supermarket. We have not one, but two tried and tested family favourites to share and they are both made only from supermarket ingredients. Read More

Allergy-friendly Christmas Gingerbread Men Recipe

Baking gingerbread men is the perfect way to bond with your child and a brilliant way to celebrate Christmas. They make great presents too! As well as being a sweet festive treat, this gingerbread biscuit recipe is allergy friendly and gluten-free. Share your delicious creations with your family and friends – or keep them all to yourself. Whatever you do, have fun making them! Read More