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Can hypnotherapy reduce eczema scratching in children?

Hypnotherapy aims to modify unconscious thoughts and behaviours. Given that a good portion of eczema scratching can be habitual, hypnotherapy is a logical tool to try in the attempt to break the scratching habit. We look at whether hypnotherapy can reduce eczema related scratching and the practicalities of using it in children.

How does hypnotherapy reduce scratching?

Most eczema flare-ups are triggered by the ‘scratch-itch cycle’. This is when itching leads to scratching, which damages the skin and leads to a worsening of the inflammation and more itching. Over time persistent scratching of eczema results in a thickening of the skin, known as lichenification. These discolured, raised areas can take months to heal, even when scratching is minimised. Itching also has a psychological element, with the physical itch aggravated by thinking about it. For example,  when the conversation turns to head lice, do you find yourself scratching your head at the mere thought of them?

Hypnotherapy aims to break the eczema scratch-itch cycle by replacing scratching with a less damaging physical response to the physical itch. It also tries to damp down the psychological itch sensations. However, for hypnotherapy to be effective, your child needs to be completely on board with the approach.

Evidence for effectiveness

There has been little scientific research into the effectiveness of hypnosis for alleviating eczema symptoms. However, some small studies have found promising results.

One study of 44 children found that hypnotherapy or teaching relaxation techniques resulted in a significant reduction in the severity of surface damage and lichenification compared with a control group that just talked about their condition. This effect was most pronounced in the girls who had had hypnotherapy1. There was no effect on the extent of their eczema.

Another study involved 18 adults and 20 children with treatment-resistant eczema. After hypnotherapy treatment, all but one participant reported immediate improvement in symptoms, including itching, scratching, and trouble sleeping. This was maintained for the duration of the study. A follow-up questionnaire sent to the carers of the children involved in the study was answered for 12 children. This showed that 18 months after treatment 10 had maintained the improvement in itching and scratching, nine in sleep disturbance, and seven maintained improvement in mood 2.

A 2020 clinical trial involved 27 adults with eczema who received an average of six hypnosis sessions. This study found a clear in reduction in measured eczema severity in all bar one of the participants3.

While these trial are all very small and there is not ensure data to be at all conclusive, they do indicate that hypnotherapy may be a useful tool for children who are finding it difficult to minimise their scratching.

What to expect from a hypnotherapy session

In all likelihood, you will have spoken in depth to your child’s therapist or filled out a detailed questionnaire before their first session. This will enable the therapist to be well prepared for talking to your child.

At the session, the therapist will want to speak directly to your child. They will need to understand your child’s condition from their point of view. It is usually a good idea for parents to stay with children during a hypnotherapy session. This will help your child feel comfortable and safe. If your child is likely to be self-conscious talking in front of you, take some headphones and listen to music so you can be present but not actively listening.

Once the therapist has a good understanding of the situation and your child’s goals, they will guide your child into a relaxed, trace-like state. For younger children, this may be as little as asking them to take a few deep breaths and then stepping into their imagination from there. Your therapist may use techniques like play or drawing to help your child get over any shyness and express themself freely. 

When your child is relaxed and comfortable, the therapist will help your child to re-experience past situations in a positive way and provide them with positive suggestions, based on the goals agreed at the start of the session. Your therapist may give your child exercises to do at home between sessions.

Most importantly, your child will be in control at all times.

Young boy concentrating on a Newtons cradle during a hypnotherapy session.
Your hypnotherapist may use techniques like play or drawing. This will help your child get over any shyness and express himself freely. 
Top tip

As a parent who is used to advocating for your child you may find it difficult to sit quietly and let your child take the lead. However, it is really important to let your child speak for themselves.

How to find a hypnotherapist

In the UK, hypnotherapists are not regulated. This means hypnotherapy can be offered by people with little training who are not health professionals. However, there are two accreditation agencies recognised by the NHS:  The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council and the National Hypnotherapy Society.

In the USA regulation varies by state, with most states having little or no regulation. However American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and American Council of Hypnotist Examiners both require their members to have undertaken suitable training and sign up to their codes of ethics.

What to look for when choosing a hypnotherapist:

  • Choose someone with a healthcare background – such as a doctor, psychologist or nurse.
  • When looking for a therapist for a child, make sure they’re trained to work with children. In the UK may sure that they have a current enhanced DBS check.
  • Check they’re registered with one of the above agencies (or the appropriate agency in your country).
  • If possible, arrange to talk to them before the first session. This will allow you to be sure that you get on well with them.

Since the pandemic, many hypnotherapists have ‘gone online’ and are able to offer remote consultations. If you aren’t able to find a suitable therapist in your area, remorse sessions may be an option.

So can hypnotherapy reduce eczema scratching in children?

Hypnotherapy is typically only available privately and treatment usually occurs over a number of sessions so costs can quickly add up. However, although the evidence supporting the use of hypnotherapy in the treatment of childhood eczema is limited, it is encouraging.

It may be worth trying if:

  • Your child is actively looking for ways to alleviate their eczema symptoms.
  • Unconscious scratching is a big contributor to your child’s eczema flare-ups.
  • Your child is mature enough to make themselves understood and follow instructions.
  • You can find an accessible therapist with experience in treating childhood eczema.



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