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Eczema mum: 9 things that helped me get through the bad days

Looking after a baby or toddler can be all consuming and exhausting, but if your baby has eczema then it can feel as if there just aren’t enough hours in the day. As a fellow eczema mum, here are 9 things that helped me get though the times when our baby’s eczema was at its worst.
Dry shampoo

Not had time to make it into the shower, let alone wash your hair, but really need to look respectable? This stuff is miraculous. A good spray and a ruffle and no-one is any the wiser.

Microwave steriliser bottles

I love these because they are so quick. Just wash the bottles, zap them in the microwave for 3 minutes and you’re good to go. No forward planning required. Ours have finally been retired after 2 years of hard service.

Online grocery shopping 

We found supermarkets were by far and away the worst place for strangers making unhelpful comments about our baby’s eczema. Online shopping meant that we could fill the food cupboards without the stress. Once you have done a couple of on-line orders, most supermarkets will have a record of your favourites which makes it quicker next time. You can also set your own preferences for substitutions.


Games and videos are brilliant for distracting itchy little ones. The Baby Einstein music videos were great when our kids were babies (and still work on our 2 year old when she’s tired). We’re fans of the Toca Boca games (especially Toca Robots). It’s worth getting a gel case for iPhones to protect against the inevitable dropping.

Colour catcher sheets 

As our baby’s eczema was aggravated by detergents we put one of these cellulose sheets in with every wash load as an eczema-friendly way of keeping the whites white. I’ve lost count of the times that these wonder sheets have saved light wash-loads from the dark coloured sock that has crept in.

Kids raisin boxes

In my view boxes of raisins have to be the ultimate eczema baby and toddler snack. Yummy, allergy friendly and fiddly enough to keep scratchy fingers otherwise occupied. And they can sit in your bag for weeks without getting squashed or going bad. If raisins seem to aggravate your little one’s eczema check out our post on chemical intolerances.

Sun glasses 

This is definitely the easiest way to disguise dark shades under my eyes – although it does need a bit of sun to avoid looking silly… I love my polarising lenses, they cut down the glare which is great for tired eyes, especially when I’m driving.

Micro-fibre travel towels 

Keeping our kid’s hands properly dry is key to keeping their eczema under control in the colder months. But neither of them will go anywhere near the ubiquitous hot air hand driers. Micro-fibre travel towels keep me sane (and stops them drying their hands on my jeans too).

Trips to the beach 

I’ve always loved the beach, especially out of season. The sound of the waves and the breadth of the horizon seem to put my world back into perspective. And there are minimal allergens about. When it’s warm enough, paddling and swimming in the sea is great for our family’s eczema. In the days before steroid creams, swimming in the sea was one of the few things that calmed my mum’s childhood eczema.

Two young children at the seaside, wearing wetsuits and playing the shallow water with waves breaking behind them.
Playing in the sea water is great for our family’s eczema and I find just being on the beach puts my world back into perspective.

What has helped you get through the times when your baby’s eczema has been really bad?

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Coming from a family of eczema sufferers, Jae draws on years of practical, first hand experience living with eczema.

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